My wish for my daughter

wish for my daughter
Too often we are so busy waiting to become what we want to be that we forget to stop, look and see that we have already become that. I listen to women, read what everybody says and wonder – why can we not be enough right here, right now. Now do not misunderstand me – ambition is great. I am an extremely ambitious woman but, what I am saying is – have we been so pretuned by society to be the perfect homemakers, mothers, have ...
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The waiting game, a last date and getting ready to meet this little boy

waiting game and neighborgood market
I know they say treasure each moment and it goes by so fast. I know by experience that I will miss this bump and stare at photos of my oversized belly for hours wishing to have it back but, right here. Right now. I am so over this. I once heard someone say that every month of pregnancy is on average about 30 days except for the last month – that is more like 1 639 days! They honestly could not have said it better! ...
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Celebrating new life and a milky bath | Our maternity photo shoot

Maternity photo shoot - milk bath
I don’t know about you but when I am pregnant I do no exactly feel sexy. I am not one of those lucky women who stay super skinny, glow and just look amazing throughout their pregnancy. No, I am one of those who bloat to the point of skankles. I gain tons of weight even though I exercise and eat healthy. In general, let’s just say, pregnancy does not become me. Yet, I cherish each moment of it – I love the idea of a ...
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My hospital bag

my hospital bag content
Is it just me or is at least 50% of the items on the hospital list a complete waste of space?? What exactly are you supposed to do with 3 hooded towels and enough clothing for you and the baby to last over a week! The hospital gives you a never-ending list of what to bring and what to leave. You read up on all the blogs promising to have found the perfect content for your hospital bag or a convenient and adorably designed downloadable ...
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