Sibling bonding

Sibling Bonding
I remember just before going to the hospital, looking at my daughter and thinking this is it. This is the last time that I see you that you will be my only child. This is the last time that you will be the youngest. The last time that you will be my only baby. Although I am not an overly emotional person I couldn’t help but feel all the feels at this point. What if I failed her, what if she did not want a ...
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Birth photographers and birth

birth photographer chrido is born
To make use of a birth photographer is not an easy decision to make, or at least it wasn’t for my husband and me. To choose to share such a personal experience with a stranger was a big step for us. I know at that moment you really couldn’t care less who is there and by then more people would have viewed your private parts than the Grand Canyon in silly season. Still, this person will be just as much a part of your journey ...
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My birth experience

birth experience ceasar chrido born
I’m a planner, a researcher. I like to have control over a situation. When I found out I was pregnant we were still in Malta, but I immediately started looking for places in Cape Town where I can have a water birth. I put hours of research into facilities and doctors, planning my perfect natural birth. I purchased loads of candles, carefully compiled a relaxing playlist, packed my bath pillow and my mother even made me a labour skirt for the bath (I decided this ...
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