Mommy Ramblings

Lila as newborn baby in mommy ramblings
Becoming a mother really is a rather precious thing, isn’t it? It isn’t something anyone can prepare you for. Everyone has stories to share – beautiful birth stories, horrid birth stories and some, even funny birth stories but nobody can describe what you will feel the moment you hold your child in your arms. Nobody can tell you how quickly you will forget the pain you went through to bring that little person into this world and just love them from the moment you hold ...
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Embrace the chaos

raising kids
Something nobody tells you about raising kids before you become a momma, is that you will not have one single moment to yourself. Everybody tells you how beautiful and perfect being a mother is but never how hard it is. For some reason, they start telling you that the moment you are pregnant. Only then do you hear all these horror stories of sleepless nights, colic babies and whatever else you can think off. But, you are so wrapped up in your glow of this ...
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How to make your own non-toxic powder for powder paint photography

non-toxic powder paint
You know how you always see these beautiful photos with powder flying everywhere and the sun shining perfectly in the background. When I saw one of those photo’s I thought – wow I want that. Problem is, most of the powders are toxic. But as always, I am nothing if not persistent. I started researching non-toxic powder. After some experimenting I finally found the perfect recipe for a non-toxic, toddler proof powder. So, ladies, for those of you as obsessed with these gorgeous photos as ...
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Lila turns two

Birthday photo shoot
There are a few moments in life that define you. I can clearly remember each one of those moments in my life, but the one most vivid and treasured is the day my children were born. Never could I have imagined what it would feel like to hold my daughter for the first time. The first thing I noticed when I held her was her eyes – the shape, the depth, the life it held. She was a perfect fit, my perfect baby. There really ...
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Boy-oh-boy! Meet my baby boy…

meet my baby boy
Chrido. Already I can say my tall, dark, handsome, blue eyed baby boy. 52cm and 3.83kg at birth – a mere 6 weeks later he measures 61cm and weighs 4.9kg I look at him and think – did I birth you? You who are so perfect, so quiet. Already showing his dads patience and flair for the dramatic. Already revealing a personality so uniquely his own. We soon learned that he loves attention but only when he wants it – he likes to be near ...
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Place of birth – Origin maternity hospital

Place of Birth Reception
I am not sure how much thought the average women put into her place of birth. This is becoming an important part of the journey and we have options ladies. In the past I guess you would have just gone to your local hospital – feet up, back flat and there you go – push and over.  But not today, now there are buzz words like water birth, active birth, hypno birth, home birth, maternity houses that looks like hotels, doula’s, selective c-sections, birth photographers, ...
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