My hospital bag

my hospital bag content
Is it just me or is at least 50% of the items on the hospital list a complete waste of space?? What exactly are you supposed to do with 3 hooded towels and enough clothing for you and the baby to last over a week! The hospital gives you a never-ending list of what to bring and what to leave. You read up on all the blogs promising to have found the perfect content for your hospital bag or a convenient and adorably designed downloadable ...
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Let’s talk memories

memories feature image
They sit, they stand, they roll, they walk and with each of these firsts we are so excited and so proud that you would think your child is the first and only child to ever do this. You go around bragging, taking pictures, comparing, reading, studying each milestone but if I must be honest – if anyone must ask me now, by the time she is two years old, when did what happen there is just no way I would be able to tell you. ...
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Babymoon & toddlers

Babymoon Stay-at-Emily, Paternoster
In January, our almost two-year-old started with Crèche for the first time. This can also be translated as – In January our almost two-year-old has been sick almost every day. Needless to say, I am by now better acquainted with her pediatrician than, let’s say – my closest family member. What was supposed to be a romantic weekend for two, turned into a fun filled family weekend thanks to Líla being sick once again. We decided not to torture Nana with an over emotional, snotty ...
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If it walks like a duck

Chands and Lila at Boulders Beach - walk like a duck
Okay maybe the title is a little bit dramatic but I guess my husband is starting to influence me after all (he has a rather dramatic flair, or maybe that is just men in general) but I am now almost 33 weeks pregnant and honestly the first time was easier. Is it because it’s a boy that my body feels so completely tired and I am waddling around like an overstuffed duck ready for the dinner table or do all you mommies out there find ...
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Mommy Ramblings

Lila as newborn baby in mommy ramblings
Becoming a mother really is a rather precious thing, isn’t it? It isn’t something anyone can prepare you for. Everyone has stories to share – beautiful birth stories, horrid birth stories and some, even funny birth stories but nobody can describe what you will feel the moment you hold your child in your arms. Nobody can tell you how quickly you will forget the pain you went through to bring that little person into this world and just love them from the moment you hold ...
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