Babymoon & toddlers

Babymoon Stay-at-Emily, Paternoster

In January, our almost two-year-old started with Crèche for the first time. This can also be translated as – In January our almost two-year-old has been sick almost every day. Needless to say, I am by now better acquainted with her pediatrician than, let’s say – my closest family member.

What was supposed to be a romantic weekend for two, turned into a fun filled family weekend thanks to Líla being sick once again. We decided not to torture Nana with an over emotional, snotty nose toddler. In the end, we were so glad we took her with, we all had an absolute blast.

Babymoon location paternoster

Babymoon Location in Paternoster, Lila and Chands on Beach

Being new to Cape Town we decided to keep it local. We booked a place at “Stay at Emily” in Paternoster for the weekend and visited all the surrounding areas. On Saturday, we went for lunch at the Strandloper. This place is AMAZING! With your feet in the sand and the smell of sea, freshly baked bread and braai in the air, you can entertain your inner child with a makeshift spoon of a mussel shell or just eat with your hands. The food is made on an open fire on the beach. It consists of ten meals being served through the course of 3 hours. They warn you from the start not to fill up on too much bread if you want to make it through all ten meals but I am such a sucker for Roosterkoek that I had to admit defeat after meal five. I did however join back in by the time they served koeksisters and rooibos tea that’s been brewing on the fire the entire day. The vibe, the view, the place and everything about it is sensational but the best part is one of the staff picking up a guitar and going around all the tables entertaining the crowd – Líla was his official groupie and he repaid her admiration by entertaining the crowd with a few more “child-like” tunes of wheels on the bus and twinkle-twinkle little star! Thank you so much, you were the highlight of her day!

Babymoon weekend lunch at Strandloper

Babymoon Lunch at Strandloper Mussels on Braai

On Sunday, we explored Paternoster. Our first visit was to the famous Panty Bar where over 800 women, with the assistance of few bottles of tequila, has generously donated their underwear to decorate the roof of this quaint little bar. I am not sure if this is creepy or awesome but either way it is a must see! To satisfy your sweet tooth or just buy some unique gifts and boereseep there are some gorgeous shops like Oep ve Koep or Jem en Pantoffels.

Babymoon in Paternoster Panty Baer

Babymoon in Paternoster at Oep ve Koep

On our way home, we stopped at Melkbosstrand, although it was not our first visit to this small little town it is still one of our favourite places to go – this gorgeous fishing village is filled with unique places to eat, a great vibe and a beautiful beach – the perfect end to our Babymoon.

Babymoon ends at Melkbosstrand

Babymoon ends at Melkbosstrand with Tiaan and Lila

A reference list of the places we visited and stayed

Stay-at-Emily self-catering apartments – I can definitely recommend staying here, it is five minute from the beach, clean, pretty and has everything you need.

Die Strandloper – booking is a must! Great place, great vibe!

Oep ve Koep on Paternoster

Jem en Pantoffels on Paternoster

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