Birth photographers and birth

birth photographer chrido is born

To make use of a birth photographer is not an easy decision to make, or at least it wasn’t for my husband and me. To choose to share such a personal experience with a stranger was a big step for us. I know at that moment you really couldn’t care less who is there and by then more people would have viewed your private parts than the Grand Canyon in silly season. Still, this person will be just as much a part of your journey as your birth partner.

birth photographer support

With my daughter, my mother was present at the birth and acted as our photographer. She snapped away to capture all the special moments (which we so quickly forget). She even captured that first cry that fills the room the moment the little ones make their way into this world. With my second one my mother looked after my first born and could not be present for the birth, so after careful consideration (and knowing how much we value the photos of Líla) we decided to go the route of a birth photographer.

birth photographer first moments

birth photographer first moments

After months (and I really mean months) of looking for the perfect photographer to be present in our birthing room we came upon Sherra-Lyn Breebaart photography via a referral. I immediately fell in love with her portfolio. She has an amazing ability to capture a story with the moments.

birth photographer first moments

birth photographer first moments

birth photographer first moments

In the end, we could not have been happier with our decision to make use of a birth photographer. With our birth story turning out not quite as planned we would never have thought of taking a single picture but Sherra-Lyn captured the entire journey. We are now able to look back on our son’s birth with fond memories and not just the panic of the moment. Honestly, I cannot recommend her enough.

Most of the time we did not even know she was there and when we did know it was only because she was so supportive and encouraging. After this I consider her a friend, an amazingly talented photographer and an essential part of Chrido’s birth.

birth photographer first moments

birth photographer first moments

birth photographer first moments

Please note this is not a sponsored post just a very enthusiastic referral!

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  1. Wow, every single emotion is captured! The love, the worry, the pain, the overwhelming emotion of seeing your baby the first time! It is absolutely beautiful and gives the feeling of being right there and the room with you all! Stunning!

  2. These are simply amazing.wish I would have read this before my births, I would have definitely hired a birth photographer.

    1. Thank you so much! I don’t know about you but I tend to forget the small details so quickly so I absolutely love the idea of someone being there to capture all the moments! So glad we went this route!

  3. Such beautiful photos, and babyl! I really wish I had a photographer for my son’s birth, or at least had captured the moment he was born via c-section. It was all a little too hectic since I was induced. Perhaps if there’s a next time I will!

    1. Thank you! I am so glad we decided to go the route of a birth photographer. I was suppose to have a natural (water) birth but it turned into an emergency c-section but she still managed to capture all the beautiful moments in between the worry!

  4. LOVE THIS! I have been thinking I may want a photographer if I am lucky enough to have another little one!

  5. This is so LOVELY. What a beautiful, perfect moment captured expertly. I love birth photography… it always makes me emotional!

  6. These turned out absolutely gorgeous! Such a special memory to have captured. I wish we had planned ahead and gotten a birth photographer for our girls’ births, but alas. 🙂 Maybe if we ever go for baby #3 that will be a special thing just for her/him.

    1. Thank you Kaity! If you do go for baby #3 you must definitely do it! It is such a special gift for you baby and yourself!

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