If it walks like a duck

Chands and Lila at Boulders Beach - walk like a duck

Okay maybe the title is a little bit dramatic but I guess my husband is starting to influence me after all (he has a rather dramatic flair, or maybe that is just men in general) but I am now almost 33 weeks pregnant and honestly the first time was easier. Is it because it’s a boy that my body feels so completely tired and I am waddling around like an overstuffed duck ready for the dinner table or do all you mommies out there find that it is just generally more tiring the second time around. It might just be that I am running around after an already over energized toddler and so missing the naps and lazy afternoons that is now just a vague dream combined with the memories of my first pregnancy but honestly this last seven weeks cannot go fast enough!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I really do not have any right to complain. I am extremely lucky when it comes to pregnancy – no morning sickness, no heartburn, no nothing. I exercise twice a day doing cardio and light weights, and the only food cravings I get is for Corn Flakes and Rice Crispies but seriously it feels like my body is just about to say it has had enough and will now seize the function of ever walking again and just torture me with full time abuse of pains in parts of my body that I did not even know existed.

Growing bump

It is amazing how, the second time around, you would think that you would be less scared but really there is just different worries – I am not that worried about the birth this time, I know what to expect but I am worried about my little girl, how will she feel about all this? I am worried about coping with two kids, how do you do it and should I not perhaps just book an early room to the looney bin and get done with it or will we survive? So really, the worries don’t stop, they just change.

Now that I am done complaining and feel a tad better for it. What was your favourite part of your second pregnancy? For me it is a combination of many things. I find that it is easier to bond this time around, I can really imagine a little human growing within me where with my daughter I couldn’t, only when she was born did it become a reality. I take loads of pictures because I know it is over in a blink of an eye and although I feel like an elephant dressed up in jeans afterwards I will love looking at the pictures of my bump and showing them to my little boy. I also know that you really do not need everything on that list of baby requirements but I do buy the gadgets because let’s be honest – they make your life so much easier! But mostly I know that no matter how much I complain about being uncomfortable or worrying about all the little stuff – we will be okay and we will manage.

Growing bump second time pregnancy

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