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Is it just me or is at least 50% of the items on the hospital list a complete waste of space?? What exactly are you supposed to do with 3 hooded towels and enough clothing for you and the baby to last over a week! The hospital gives you a never-ending list of what to bring and what to leave. You read up on all the blogs promising to have found the perfect content for your hospital bag or a convenient and adorably designed downloadable pdf ready to print. Ladies this is my opinion – yes pack the essentials but also pack what YOU think YOU will need!!! Not everyone is the same and not everyone wants the same things. Trash that list and look at what it is that you would like to have around you when in labour and during those first precious moments with your little one. Keep in mind the restrictions of your birthing place.

Labour is hard work and for that exact reason I love to have some spoils and treats in my bag. For me, good quality toiletries are a must and new, comfy nightwear – there is nothing to make you feel more special than gorgeous nighties (and no, I am not talking about the lacy ones that got you to this point in the first place). A pretty and comfortable gown paired with oversized fluffy slippers is enough to make me look forward to this hospital visit. I also pack a variety of massagers for hubby to make himself useful with (my favourite one is the waterproof handheld massager from sorbet) a bunch of candles and off course a play list that includes all my favourite (soothing) music.

The hospital list so kindly provided to me includes items like a water spray bottle to cool you down. When I am suffering from the pain of contractions ripping through my body and my husband sprays water in my face, I can promise you I will find a not so convenient spot for that water bottle to go so after careful consideration I threw this list in the trash and my bag now looks something like this…

chrido outfit for hospital bag

blanket for hospital bag

typo bulldog hanger for hospital bag

I love this quote – it is such a beautiful way to see labour.

travel to the stars quote

If you are not sure what to use for a focal point, this is definitely what I will be using to focus, with all my energy on the positive vibes of this beautiful quote.

Good luck mommies xx

In my hospital bag

For me

  • Birth plan, cash and credit cards, medical aid card and any other required paper work for the hospital
  • Hair Brush and elastics – golden hairbrush from
  • Dressing gown from Pour La Vie in Stellenbosch
  • Slippers – super cute cuddly slippers from cotton on body
  • Disposable underwear, maternity sanitary pads and breast pads – the bigger the better. I got a few from Carriwell and some additional maternity underwear from Yummy Maternity
  • Face Cloths, toiletries and makeup
  • Music playlist on my phone and charger
  • Loads of candles – scented massage candles from cotton on body, jar candles from typo and white vanilla scented candles from Woolworths
  • Massagers – I packed two, an electronic handheld waterproof masager from sourbet that you can get at Clicks and I also have a wooden one from The Body Shop – both is amazing!
  • Focal point focus picture
  • Front opening sleeping shirts from H&M and nursing bra’s from yummy maternity
  • Swim top for the bath and a labour skirt (I am doing a water birth)
  • Drinks and snacks
  • A book to read (I love to read and I know most places say that you can leave the book but I really do read it so this is a must have for me)
  • Going home outfit (I decided on some tights and a super-sized over large jersey from Factorie paired with boots)

For Hubby

  • Clothing, shoes and sleepwear – he is staying over at the hospital with me!
  • A camera and extra batteries
  • Batman socks
  • Swim trunks for the water birth
  • Toiletries

For Baba

  • Vests
  • Baby grows
  • Beanies
  • Socks
  • Scratch mittens
  • Going home outfit – the onesie with ears is from cotton on kids paired with a star bib and star socks from H&M
  • Nappies
  • Wet wipes
  • Cotton wool
  • Blankets – I packed three blankets. The first with type is from modern burlap and is a beautiful scripture swaddle that says, “and surely I am with you always until the very end of the age” Matthew 28:20. Delivery to South Africa does take a while so be sure to order in advance. The wool blanket is from Romie and Rosey The wrap blanket is a penguin wrap from cotton on kids.
  • Travel changing mat
  • Car seat

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  1. Yoh this is A LOT of stuff in your bag! I found I didn’t use much of the stuff in my bag. I was in one set of clothes for two days in hospital, only changed baby a lot. Slippers and phone charger is a must for me. And socks.

    1. LOL I know I am completely over packed! With my first I kept everything to the minimum and packed only the required items but the second time around I just decided I want all my spoils with me and we also hired a birth photographer so I packed a lot of pretty things for the photos 🙂 Thank you for your comment and reading my blog!

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