Sibling bonding

Sibling Bonding

I remember just before going to the hospital, looking at my daughter and thinking this is it. This is the last time that I see you that you will be my only child. This is the last time that you will be the youngest. The last time that you will be my only baby.

Although I am not an overly emotional person I couldn’t help but feel all the feels at this point. What if I failed her, what if she did not want a brother? What if she resent us for not being able to go on our quick adventures anymore but instead spending so much time preparing everyone to go out, packing nappy bags and just as you are about to head out the door having to change a poop nappy! What if we made the wrong decision or if we cannot handle two?! These are all the thoughts that crossed my mind as I kissed her goodbye.

As people are prone to do, everybody told us horror stories about having two kids. That it is tough, impossible to manage two under two. We were so nervous but since the moment Chrido came home it felt like our family is complete. Lila grew into a different little person overnight – she became a big sister. Proud, helpful, loving and brave. I could not have been prouder of her.

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I will never forget the look on my daughters face the first time she saw her brother. It showed total confusion, wonder and awe all in one. She kept on looking from me to him and back to me trying to make out who this little person is. If only I could know what was going on in her mind at that moment.

Once she took it all in all she wanted to do was hold him and this is still all she wants to do. She puts her little arms out and say “come”. She wants to hold him at every opportunity, kiss him, hug him and when she gets home from school she runs to greet him before greeting anyone else. She draws him pictures, says goodnight to him and help wherever she can by putting his clothing in the washing basket, picking up his dirty nappy or trying to help bathe him – all this without us even asking her to do anything.

Sibling Bonding

We took Chrido for his BCG vaccine and Lila came along, after wards she had to go for her flu vaccine. All through the vaccine she did not cry but the concentration on her face was absolute – she was trying to be brave for her brother. Only at the end did she cry a little. My heart felt about 10 times bigger at this moment.

This is my daughter, this beautiful loving person and she loves having a baby brother – I did not fail her, I did not disappoint her. I gave her a lifelong friend, a person of her very own. Someone who will, God willing, be there far beyond our years to walk this life with her, next to her. They will love and guide each other, for that I will be forever grateful.

Sibling bonding

Featured image and first image of Líla and Chrido by Lizelle Krige Photography



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  1. I am a mother of four, and let me tell you sibling bonds are so special!! Watching your children grow and learn together is so beautiful!! I love your photos by the way they are so adorable! Good luck they will feud and all that but in the end the love they have will amaze you everyday.

    1. Four kids, wow! How special! I have an older sister and younger brother and we all fought a lot but also stood by each other. Friends for life and seeing that same thing in your own kids is so special!

    1. Thank you! I always wondered if it is different if the older one is a boy, how did you find the experience to have two under two?

  2. I am a mom of 2. And When my second one arrived to our family I enjoyed the time as my daughter was my rock support. She is to help me, Play with him while he was asleep she you to tocu him and say of baby sleeping sorry baby. These memories are lovely I must say And lots of love to both the kids they are lovely.

  3. I have four kids and watching them grow to love each other and welcome each new member to the family over the years has been priceless!

    1. I can just imagine witnessing it each time must be an amazing experience! Each one with their own personality and reacting in different ways!

  4. I honestly had the chills the whole time I was reading this! Your thoughts and concerns you had before going to the hospital are exactly the same as mine. I’m so happy to hear how it is on the other side of those thoughts. What a beautiful family you have! Thank you so much for the encouragement! Maybe I can do it too?….one day 🙂

    1. I think as mothers we are extremely harsh on ourselves and convince ourselves of troubles even before they are there. I was so worried that my daughter won’t be happy with her brother but she loves him soooo much!!! I am sure once you have another they will love each other just as much! It really is such as amazing thing to witness, how they have this instinct to protect and love one another right from the very start!

  5. I have 4 under 4 and it can be tough, but they are the best of friends and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    1. I can just imagine Casey! My father-in-law and his brother are so far apart but they are extremely close now!

  6. Beautifully written and so sincere, you are making us all proud with your sensible down to earth “mommy” experiences. We love you 4 so much and to see them grow into little people with their own personalities are priceless

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