Place of birth – Origin maternity hospital

Place of Birth Reception

I am not sure how much thought the average women put into her place of birth. This is becoming an important part of the journey and we have options ladies. In the past I guess you would have just gone to your local hospital – feet up, back flat and there you go – push and over.  But not today, now there are buzz words like water birth, active birth, hypno birth, home birth, maternity houses that looks like hotels, doula’s, selective c-sections, birth photographers, you name it. Your birth is as much a trend as the nappy bag, stroller or the going home outfit. It is not just a matter of push. We research, educate ourselves and have important decisions to make. How exactly do you want to get this baby out?

For me this was an easy decision. Active birth, water birth, maternity house that looks like a hotel (if the option is available then why not, right?!) When I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted to have my baby at Origin Maternity Hospital. I wanted to have a water birth in a “homey” environment (but not my own home) and Origin is stunning – who wouldn’t want to birth there!

Place of Birth Reception

Place of Birth Corridor

Origin maternity hospital supports all the values I believe in such as freedom of movement during labour, water birth, immediate skin-to-skin contact and exclusive breastfeeding. Hubby is as much a part of the process as mommy, he spends the night and his time for bonding is just as important as mine – perfect right!

I am so thankful for the team who assisted in my birth and recovery. Chrido went into distress from early labour (I was only 1.5 cm dilated) If not for the care and attentiveness of the doctor and Origin team things could have turned out very differently, I shudder to even think of what could have happened had I been elsewhere, so even though they encourage natural birth and have all the facilities for water birth they are prepared for any situation. Once the decision was made for an emergency c-section it took them less than half an hour to get the theatre prepped and a team ready.

It really was an amazing experience birthing at this beautiful facility – thank you to an incredible team, midwifes whose names I will never forget and memories I will always treasure.

Place of Birth Room

Place of Birth Room

Place of Birth Menu

Place of Birth Menu

Photography by Sherra-Lyn Breebaart Photography


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  1. What a beautiful place! It is so nice to find somewhere you feel comfortable & supported, especially for childbirth.

    1. It is so important that your birth team is on the same page as you – so glad I found Origin and their amazing team!

  2. Wow! This looks very posh! I was supposed to have my first in a birthing center but she had IUGR at the last minute. It was not quite the total opposite of my birth plan… but almost.

    1. Oh wow Kellie I am sorry to hear that but as long as they are okay in the end that is all that matters right!? Even though I was able to give birth at Origin my birth did not go according to my birth plan at all – which was suppose to be a water birth with candles and relaxing music and then turned into an emergency c-section – but I am just happy my little one is okay!

  3. Wow this is so beautiful! I never thought that such place existed. So glad you had a wonderful experience. Nothing like knowing that you and your little one are in good hands especially after delivering.

    1. I also didn’t think these sort of place existed! It was only after many hours of research that I found Origin and I am so glad that I did! It was really such an amazing experience!

    1. I think these places are few and far between but I do have a feeling more and more of them are going to start appearing all over as women demand more homey/friendly environments to give birth in. I only found this one after many hours of research and we also only have two of these sort of facilities in SA.

  4. Wow! This place is just gorgeous. It’s like giving. It has a spa feel. What’s more relaxing than that?! I had my daughter at home and used hypnobabies. It was an incredible experience. She was SO easy. It totally was a dream birth experience.

    1. I always thought it is such a special thing to have your child at home! Unfortunately I had complications with both my births so this was definitely not an option for my but what a memory for you to treasure!

  5. OMG… that place looks gorgeous!!! I gave birth, both times, in a hospital – but that was due to insurance issues only. The beauty and sheer ‘home’ look of Origin (at least in these photos!) would make me tour it. Surprisingly, I have not run into these opulent facilities near LA, birthing centers, yes – but this one looks a bit “more.” Looks like it was a fantastic experience!

    1. Heather, it is everything on the photos and more – the place is filled with the most beautiful chandeliers, the baths are gorgeous and even the menu made me feel like I was in a fancy hotel rather than a maternity hospital. It was an amazing experience! Luckily our insurance cover most of the costs otherwise I would also not have been able to have gone to these sort of facilities.

  6. Wow this is amazing!!! I agree finding a birthing place is so important. I didnt think to much about it with my first child and I had a horrible experience and regretted not looking into it more. I think this is a great reminder how important it is to look into the perfect birthing center for you and your child!

    1. I agree Sarah, I went to amazing facilities with both my kids but I heard so many horror stories – so thankful that I was able to find these places!

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