The waiting game, a last date and getting ready to meet this little boy

waiting game and neighborgood market

I know they say treasure each moment and it goes by so fast. I know by experience that I will miss this bump and stare at photos of my oversized belly for hours wishing to have it back but, right here. Right now. I am so over this.

I once heard someone say that every month of pregnancy is on average about 30 days except for the last month – that is more like 1 639 days! They honestly could not have said it better! With my firstborn I was convinced every day that today is the day I am going to go into labour. I concentrated my entire day just on that and by the time my daughter came I was close to crazy.

This time I am playing the waiting game with a bit more tact – I plan every day as if I still have ages to go (I try as hard as possible to ignore the aches and pains of my already oversized body), I keep busy, spend quality time with my daughter, my hubby and my mom. I am just loving it. Here is my advice; find a treat for each week – something to look forward to that will keep your mind off baby and focused on you. Enjoy this moment. One thing I did learn is that baby will be there, and you will have your sleepless nights, soon enough.

Everything is in place, my over packed bag is ready, our hospital bed is booked, the car seat is installed and this time around we even decided to make use of a birth photographer – so that is arranged! This little one is huge weighing 3.1kg at 36 weeks so while waddling around and trying to keep the house as clean as is possible with a two-year-old around I am trying to squeeze in as many memorable moments as possible.

Every morning I dress up in an overload of jackets and boots and go walking (waddling) with my mom. Hopefully this encourages baby to come a bit sooner and if nothing else I am building up Discovery Vitality Active Rewards like crazy – next week we are going to go for our hard-earned smoothie at Kauai!

the waiting game walking it off

the waiting game morning walks

This past weekend we had amazing weather, we escaped the house to spend some time playing and relaxing at Weltevreden – Lila always loves it here and double bonus, we can sit back and enjoy ourselves while she plays to her hearts delight without us having to run around after her!

waiting game and lila kisses

waiting game and lila

waiting game and getting over sized

waiting games and warm hugs

waiting game and my loves

I can definitely recommend Lekker Neh if you have a toddler – the toys there are perfect for the little ones, the seats are by the play area and the food is delicious! If your kids are a bit older Carvinal is right there and a child’s paradise with the most amazing jungle gyms, trampolines, a mini road for the push bikes and some awesome pizza to keep up the energy levels.

Then there is hubby and dates like these to remind me why I love him so much! I am a complete sucker for books, especially the classics, so when hubby took me to the Cathedral Second Hand Bookshop and bric-a-brac in Cape Town CBD he could not have planned a more romantic date (I know I am a bit of a nerd). This place is heaven and have some amazing classics and rare finds. To make it even more perfect – it is for charity! Off course being this close to Woodstock we just had to visit the Neighbourgoods Market where, as always, we found delicious food, gorgeous flowers and unique interior pieces to take home. Perfect day!

waiting games and books

waiting game and neighborgood market

waiting game and Casa nostra bar

So, mommies, I know you have all been here and shared in my agony of the last four weeks of pregnancy – what did you do to keep busy? Please share your tips because I am fast running out of ideas and rooting for the road on insanity!

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