This is us

Our little Family

My husband and I got married at an early age of 22. I know most people think this is too young but for us it was right. When we met we just knew this is it – there was no fancy proposal or romantic fairy tale night – it was just a logical next step. We share every part of our life’s and take on many challenges together. We have never been that couple that yearns to have kids, as a matter of fact for the first five years we said that we will never have kids but we got older and figured maybe it is time to just try and see what happens. Well, 2 months later – surprise! And 9 months later we became the parents of the most beautiful, amazing, gorgeous little girl. Much to our surprise, we loved parenting so much that we now have another little bundle of love on the way due in July’17.

This crazy journey called parenthood is not always easy, as a matter of fact sometimes it feels impossible. So, if you hope to find any answers in here on the meaning of parenthood or how to be the best possible parent I am sorry to disappoint. At least 90% of the time I have no clue what I am doing and the other 10% is based on what I find on google. But I do know this, we are not perfect parents, far from, but we are perfect for our kids. We take each day as it comes and just try our best, try to be the best possible version of ourselves in the hope that these little people can become the best possible versions of themselves and that mama, is the most important thing to remember – YOU ARE ENOUGH, YOU ARE THE BEST MOTHER FOR YOUR CHILDREN, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE PERFECT.

Have you ever heard of the term spaghetti thoughts?? Well that is me, on a full-time basis – if you met me you would know I talk a mile an hour – If my mouth moves that fast just imagine the pace my mind goes at. It is crazy, silly busy up there but let’s be honest, as mothers, we do not even have the time to finish one thought, let alone ponder on their meaning so spaghetti is what you will find here – sometimes it will make sense but mostly it is just ramblings. This is not an advice blog, you will not find healthy recipes or the best 20 ways to get your toddler to eat their vegetables here (but if you have the answer to this one please do share!) There are no cute DIY projects or where to find the best organic vegetables and how to freeze them for your weaning baby. It really is just ramblings, my experiences, my little space in this galaxy of interwebs because lets be honest – sometimes being a mother is lonely and sometimes we just need to talk and share – thank you for visiting. Please do take a few moments to have a look around, get to know us and share your stories with me!